Magic Carpet 2 The Netherworlds скачать


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Magic Carpet 2 The Netherworlds скачать

Latest news: DBGL magic Carpet 2 The Netherworlds скачать 0. 82 is available with some bugfixes and a few usability improvements! Ancient DOS Games Collection III ! If you’re willing to volunteer to translate DBGL into another language, I’d like to know!

Just know that you don’t have to have any programming skills to be able to help! English, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portugese-Brazillian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Russian are already covered, although some translation are somewhat incomplete.

Volunteers are more than welcome. Once your DOS games are configured in DBGL, its very easy to setup or start them, or alter their configuration or associated DOSBox version. Initial work for the frontend was done in 2006, and the product has gradually improved over the course of the years.

Source code for the complete program is available, please feel free to hack away. DBGL should be easily portable to other systems. Glide, vsync, pixelshaders and the like. What’s more, it is possible to change the association to another DOSBox version either by keeping all configuration settings, or just the alterations from the default.

DBGL comes with an extensive collection of example templates to simplify setting up a game for a specific PC era. And you can create your own templates on which to base your profiles. A simple, yet configurable interface which keeps track of dialog sizes, profile list column settings and ordering, the last selected profile and much more. Many fields in which to define meta information about your games, such as its developer, publisher, status, URLs, PDFs, etc.

Also available are 10 extra fields for user-definable content. When multiple matches are found, DBGL will display a popup screen in which you may select the correct entry.

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Magic cover-the and скачать can carpet fetched and netherworlds in DBGL. 2 will once again enter a wizard that leads you through the steps.

Some example game packages to try out are available here. This creates an inner tab in the profiles list showing a certain subselection of your profiles.

DBGL will keep that selection in a filter tab. Support for so-called Booter games. Has the ability to export your game-list to a file, such as a plain TXT file, a basic . CSV or a fancy HTML page.

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DOSBox profile information that can be stored in the . Extra information such as the profile’s Title, developer name, status etc. Anyone who wants to contribute something codewise, should be able to build the DBGL packages by just downloading the source package and using Apache Ant. Mac users can simply drag the DBGL icon into their Applications folder and start it.

Please note that you MUST have the Java Runtime Environment 1. magic Carpet 2 The Netherworlds скачать, or with an older version.

DBGL where UAC does not apply. The archive contains DBGL with some pre-configured templates and the latest DOSBox release, so you can get going instantly. Since the frontend was written in Java, it should be relatively easy to port to another platform. If anybody is interested in another build, please let me know.


Download the appropriate archive for your operation system and extract it to a directory of your choice. Just download the JAR and overwrite the single file in this zip archive. Special note for users upgrading to DBGL 0. 74: Some additional library files are necessary.

Special note for users upgrading to DBGL 0. 76: One additional library file is necessary. Special note for users upgrading to DBGL 0.

77: Two additional files are necessary. Special note for users upgrading to DBGL 0. 79: Multiple new library files are required.

Then download the full 0. Special note for users upgrading to DBGL 0.


80: One additional library file is necessary. Special note for users upgrading to DBGL 0. 81: Some additional library files are necessary. Open dmg and drag DBGL.

Note 1: Java Runtime version 1. If you can’t use version 1. 8 for whatever reason, try using a DBGL version prior to 0.

79 which should run on older JVMs. DBGL does not run on Java 9, support will come in the next release. Note 2: On DBGL startup, Windows may or may not ask whether or not to allow the program to establish connections to other machines.

DBGL doesn’t need to connect to other computers, communication takes place on localhost only. Settings dialog window, that will also get rid of the Windows popup. Note 3: Some users have reported problems starting up DBGL. JAVA_HOME environment setting properly configured.