Скачать Aim Map 3G Cs Go

Скачать Aim Map 3G Cs Go

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Aim имея платные услуги будет видет в 3G играх в списке интернет, go скачать хороший приток живых игроков, тем самым наполнит map cs сервер и поможет вам отлично заработать. We are one of the oldest mod sites on the Interwebs.

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Get notified when this Map is updated. There are loads of different options to customize the playfield, making walkway a good place to practice a wide array of TF2 techniques and general aim. You can order them to attack, jump, dodge or strafe.

Полный анализ

Custom console commands to control the map without the need to press a button. Coding system, including variables, timers, random cases and customizable text. The whole map is a giant resupply cabinet, players inside it don’t need to heal or reload their weapons. It’s recommended to read it.


The map is almost finished, but suggestions and opinions are still welcome. Sign up to access this! Because of that map, i got better at aiming, and now i’m playing as Scout and Sniper much better, than i was before.

This map is really good for training and other stuffs. So well decorated, it almost feels official. Be real funny if there was a way to implement a button that like gives all the bots like gibus’s or something.

Very fun to roam around with the grappling hook mode enabled. I’m not sure if it was the «tr_walkway_fix» version, but I had a bug where the Resupply sound effect continuously played whenever I left the spawn area.

After you download the map, how the hell are you supposed to make it work in game? I tried copy-pasting the file into the maps folder, but that didn’t seem to do anything, and I couldn’t find anything at the download page about how to play the map.

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